Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend!

Spending time with family has sky rocketed my happiness levels through the roof. School doesn't allow me too much time to see them, I commute and sometimes I'll be home so late they'll be asleep already. IN OTHER NEWS. I'm still keeping up with green smoothies, this morning was super special, I used a banana, romaine lettuce, and one ataulfo mango. I wish I had used spinach or something else because the taste of the mango didn't come through as strongly as I liked but the colour was unreal. It was almost fluorescent green!

Also, since it's Easter Weekend, I wanted to know what that meant for you. What are some traditions, or things you do with your family or friends? For me it's about celebrating Jesus' victory over death and sin, going to church and enjoying a meal with family a friends.

trust me, it was fluorescent.

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  1. When I was younger, it meant that as well, but at this age its more about being grateful for family, friends, and faith in a different way. This Easter I will be home alone, not a bad thing as Sunday is my only real day off, but celebrating in my heart just the same....Enjoy your time with your family, its very precious!