Monday, April 12, 2010

Sarma's Cilantro Shake


pink grapefruit




cilantro bunch

agave nectar/stevia

pinch of salt

big pinch of cinnamon

vanilla extract

BLEND. I used a tiny big of orange instead of grapefruit, no agave or stevia, and no cinnamon. It came out mild, but VERY juice-like. The picture is heinous, and does not do it justice, sorrs! What did you have for breakfast today?


  1. hahaha this picture is classic no vitamix smoothie material
    im totally gonna throw some cilantro in my green drink this morning

  2. I think I tried this one too from Sarma's books, but I'm not a fan of Cilantro, I'm afraid! I have made the following concoction a regular drink of mine though:
    - celery
    - romaine
    - apple
    - lime
    - carrot
    - ginger

    It's crazy delicious! And yes, I am thrilled with my juicer :) I loves it.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! It would be awesome to see you around. My friend was telling me about some awesome vegan restaurants in the downtown core, maybe we could grab lunch or dinner sometime!

  3. Breakfast: Spinach, Romaine, Pear, Mango, Banana, Flax Seed, Water. It was delicious. I wonder where I got the idea from? Hm.

    Thanks for the comment, by the way.

  4. I love cilantro hummus- I never thought to drink it!