Friday, April 16, 2010


papaya for breakfast.
I got allergies for the first time in my life, 3 days ago. I've been experiencing all the symptoms, and it sucks. This fruit woke me up, and godd, tasted so good. I think people either love papaya or hate it, what's your stance?


  1. I heart papaya!!!!

    I used to not like it actually, thought it lacked flavor but once I ventured into raw I ate it again and became a convert! ha ha! Love it with some fresh coconut. Mmmmm....

  2. So, I ventured to try papaya today for desert and I must say I was shocked. It was deeelish.

  3. looooooooooove papaya

    i put a bit of lime and vanilla, pinch of salt and hemp hearts
    too good