Friday, April 9, 2010

i am CRUSHING schoolwork.

I had a bio exam from 7-9 yesterday, which was the focus of my studying for the past week, meaning I could not begin writing my 8-9 page essay until after the exam was finished, due at 2PM today, with the addition of a music theory exam that began at 2. So basically, theory is being left in the dust. I did manage to finish the essay in 2.5 hours, how I accomplished that, I have no idea. BUT I'm not complaining!

I drank lemon water throughout the day yesterday, and I must say I reaped some benefits by doing that one thing. My skin was very clear today! Here's my breakfast, delicious mango. The green thing is a piece of a collard green twisted to look like a tulip..I don't think it turned out right. This just reminded me of the line from Bend it like Beckham, when the dress fitter tells the girl, "We're going to make your mosquito bites look like, juicy, JUICY mangoes!" haha.


  1. Ugh, sounds like you had a beastly week! Good thing it's over.

    Thanks for your sweet comments and suggestions on my blog; I really appreciate it!

    And those mangoes look delicious, and I'm not even a big fan of them, haha.

  2. WTG on completing the essay in time! Phew! ;)

    Um, those mangoes and sprinkling of banana slices look so good right now! Yum!