Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cauliflower Mash and more Nori.

[Breakfast smoothies, freeze your bananas before blending so you won't need ice cubes.]

The weather today is so beautiful, I can't believe I'm actually seeing the sun! I just made a cauliflower "mash" with some nori rolls.

The mash actually sucked. I thought I could improvise, and create something but I failed. I had added too much water, not enough herbs and I didn't crush the garlic before putting it in. I also felt it needed a thickening agent, and after looking at Ani Phyo's recipe I noticed she uses Psyllium powder to thicken it.

The cauliflower naturally has a strong smell/taste/texture so in order to make it palatable (for me) I think I'd have to over power it with the right ingredients.

Don't be turned off from trying your own recipes or making things up. It's exciting, and even if the end product doesn't turn out right it's just another mistake you can learn from!

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