Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heavenly Chocolate Brownie Review

Wouldn't it be great if I had the daily excuse to buy raw vegan desserts/treats in light of taste-testing them and providing incredibly helpful and informative reviews?

I think it's genius. and here is EXHIBIT A:

Heavenly Chocolate Brownie
Ingredients: Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Raw Honey, and Sea Salt.

I bought it from Noah's on Yonge but it is distributed and made by the people from the LIVE! (organic food bar) in Toronto. I actually don't eat honey and only read the ingredients after I bit into it. All in all taste wise it is definitely cocoa-y, very rich, and very dense. It has a soft, crumbly texture, and is adorned with walnuts. I felt that it was missing something though, maybe another flavour like a hint of orange rind or vanilla. Warning to all sweet-sensitive people, it does give you a slightly sick feeling if you have to much. I had a little piece after dinner and still felt a hit of something, almost..crack like.

I'm kidding, it was GOOD, but my reaction was: "I could make a better version, but you satisfy my taste buds for now". Here's a picture, if you live in Toronto, buy one and let me know what your thoughts are, and if you can't find this brownie, just write down what your favourite sweet treat is.

Reaction Scale:


"I could make a better version, but you satisfy my taste buds for now"

" holla atcha boy, this is bitchin' "


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  1. Yummy... I love everything from Live!! I feel so lucky to live just down the street from them!
    I bought some of their granola the other day. My absolute favourite is something I picked up at the Big Carrot one day. I can't remember exactly what they were, but they were kind of like blondies instead of brownies, or fudge without chocolate. Mmmm.