Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coconut Strawberry Tart

I think when my parents leave the house my creativity generator starts whizzing. Yesterday I was alone and felt that after my stitches were out I could attempt to cut open the two remaining coconuts and...I HAVE FOUND A FULL PROOF WAY! I went outside after cutting off the pointy tip (till I could see the super hard wooden part) and whipped them at the ground making sure the exposed part made contact with the ground. IT WORKED!

After scraping the coconut meat out of all of them and of course tasting some of it, I just decided to make something. Partway through I realized I didn't have any dates so this was all improvised but turned out to be refreshing, not overly sweet, and the crust was by far the best part!

Filling (blender):

Meat from 2 young thai coconuts
9-10 strawberries, washed and sliced
2 small slices of peeled pear
a small drizzle of maple syrup (substitute agave)

Crust (food processor):

A big handful of almonds, soaked for only 20-25 minutes
6-7 prunes, soaked for only 5 minutes
2 bigger slices of pear peeled
2 tbsn of cinnamon (I LOVE CINNAMON)
1 tbsn of raw carob powder
1 tsp liquid vanilla extract
a small drizzle of maple syrup

Blend the filling, let sit while you process the ingredients for the crust, then push into a flan pan, wet your hands slightly. Then pour the filling over the crust, smooth, and freeze overnight.

Final Step:

Wake up to the most delicious, creamy, easy peezy, tart. Even though I spilled sticky coconut water all over the floor my irritated parentals thoroughly enjoyed this. I know it's undecorated but I just couldn't wait to taste some of it. Thinly slice bananas and strawberries for a nice effect.


  1. this is a gorgeous entry and a wonderful picture! i am going to prepare this tonight. keep doing what you're doing, it's inspiring!

  2. Pretty tart, and strawberries... mmmm. I always feel more creative when I have the house to myself. I spend a lot of alone time in the kitchen and love it :)

  3. Wow, great job! It looks beautiful.

  4. very stylish
    werd to improv