Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is worth living!

11: 30 am, studying like a newb.

I think the next step after stabilizing my 100 percent raw-ness is to eat when I'm hungry. Arnold, from this raw cafe in Pennsylvania insists on earning your breakfast and starting with lemon water to cleanse your system. So here I sit, typing with lemon water, and a grapefruit.

In terms of challenges usually anything out of my comfort zone is a challenge, and if my comfort zone is my house, then pretty much anything that goes on outside of the walls of my house are challenging, like maybe parties, work, etc. Last night at work what would usually make me fall nutritionally, or tempt me didn't! There was pizza, cookies, and chips. I made my fruit smoothie and enjoyed the night! GREAT SUCCESS.

I wrote another journal entry (on paper) last night with regards to my feelings about this diet and my emotions, and I realized most of my destructive thoughts have literally disappeared! Things like, the "all-or-nothing" attitude, the "see-the-#-on-the-scale-go-up-and-abandon-all-dieting-aspects" attitude, the "eat-out-of-spite" attitude, THE LIST GOES ON GUYS. But really, they're all gone! I love what I'm eating, it's beautiful, and who cares if the number on the scale goes up, how do I feel is the important question!

So ask yourself that today, How do you feel? Good? Bad? Happy or sad? If it's negative change something small this week. Drink more water, sleep earlier, make a to-do list, go for a brisk walk, or just JUMP up and down! Life is worth living.


  1. mmm this looks delicious. I LOVE grapefruit and spinach shakes in the am! This blog is so encouraging. I'm going to try some of these.