Tuesday, February 16, 2010


day 4.

today's breakfast is a variation of the "magical strawberry breakfast" that I made, go look at it http://thisiswhyyourethin.blogspot.com/

this one is with bananas, chia seed mix, shelled hemp seed, some sprinkled flax, cinnamon (A TON), and a little bit of carob powder.

So today is pretty much day 1 of my reading week, and I have made it my goal to go to the library and start studying. I have a biology exam the day I get back, and my plan is to ace it. I have convinced myself to go because I will be rewarding myself with breaks where I get to read Raw Food Read World by Sarma Melngailis.

Beginning of my Raw Pie. (Dates/Almonds in a processer), I'm going to freeze this and buy strawberries later to make a coulis for the top!

Finished product, haphazardly sliced and decorated.

L-157 grams of spinach..not as bad as the whole container with sprouted chickpeas on top!

D-spring mix, mangoes, poppy seed, balsamic vinegar, no salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon. made by my mum!

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