Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My super clean diet halted yesterday.
I had lentil soup, and some tortilla chips.
As well as apple crisp (vegan) with a crumble made out of oats.
So no bread, or peanut butter which is a HUGE plus.

I think for the next few days I will have only 1-2 raw meals, and also there will be an upcoming review of the raw vegan restaurant LIVE! Organic Food Bar.

Who knows creativity might hit me at some point, and I may post a picture of a newly invented recipe.


  1. i was in the same boat yesterday. sometimes a nice hot meal, made from raw, fresh, and local produce is the way to go. it is still being true to your ultimate goal of eating raw... even though you apply heat to it, and perhaps a non-animal fat or other vegan pre-made condiment (for example), you are NOT cheating and don't feel weird about it, I've done it whenever I need a nice hot bowl of something. Cause sometimes eating straight raw food is not warming. It is winter after all! Go for it. Remember my seitan chili? It totally warmed me and made me feel GREAT. Which is the essence of veganism and rawness in itself--we feel better about ourselves, inside and out!
    Also about the peanut butter. NOT a bad thing. As a quick, high energy snack, it is not a bad thing. Remember this.. too much of ANY thing is not good. So some PB and bread will not kill you. It's my go-to energy snack for work. Take care of yourself.

  2. Hey on a chilly day, lentil soup is awesome! I say just go with the flow. Look forward your review. ;)